The philosophy of Gars Telecom has always assumed a special approach in dealing with their customers. And in its communications to set the basis for reliability and confort. Such approach allowed to acquire great customers with non-standard requests from the earliest days of the operator. But we are not used to stop in our development, therefore at all times and in all spheres we are looking for the progress and the development of the ideas.

Thus, last year within the development of this idea we have released a corporate magazine as a platform for exchanging views and finding kindred spirits, where everyone can tell about what he breathes and lives with outside the work. And now the time has come for the next evolutionary step that will put us on a new level of relations with customers, partners, contractors and even competitors – direct dialogue and more informal communicaion within the framework of a TV program.

And this telecast has already seen the light of day! Every week on the 24-hour channel PRO Business on tuesdays and saturdays in prime-time and with day-time re-run goes on the air new emission of TV program from Gars Telecom: «Carpe Diem: Life. Business. Game». The anchor of telecasts' series is Pavel Gorenkov, CEO of Gars Telecom.

The purpose of the program is to acquaint viewers with conversible people, to go backstage on the С-suites of leading companies of the Russian market, to tell about their hobbies and interests. The guests of the TV program are owners of companies, CEOs, presidents, prominent businessmen who during the broadcast share with the audience not only and not so much the experience of managing and solving actual problems of business as their own hobbies outside work and answer the main question: «Who controls whom: we control business, or it controls us?»