This summer MUZ.RU — the project under the support of the “Russian Media Group”, has taken the honored place among the Exceptional Gars Telecom clients.

Portal MUZ.RU was officially launched in September, 2008 and became the first legal on-line service in RUnet for sales of the digital multimedia content. MUZ.RU subscribers have an access to the catalogues of Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony BMG and EMI, and also of some Russian companies. The MUZ.RU library by the last forecasts contains more than million tracks. However, portal MUZ.RU is not only the songs, albums, and music promos, but the hot news of show-business, exclusive issues, reviews and announces of the future events and releases.

In Gars Telecom are precious and fond of the music. We are sure that owing to our professional support any audiophile will be able to find the way to the infinite music Universe.