The new Gars Telecom client — Eldorado Company — the one out of the largest home appliances retail chains in Russia and Eastern Europe, has been provided with the top class telecommunication services.

The first store was opened in 1994 in Samara. Since that the success story of Eldorado brand has begun. Nowadays Eldorado is the 1300 shops, 400 retail mobile shops in Russia and the Ukraine. The Company turnover in 2008 year was equal to 5 BUSD. Since the February, 2009 the majority interest has been owned by PPF Group N.V. which also has controlled Home Credit & Finance Bank, Czech Insurance Company and 29% of Nomos Bank shares.

Since 2007 Eldorado as a matter of fact has made a noise in the world owing the image ads with the Comedy Club show star. The main idea of the campaign is that Eldorado is not only the “territory of the low prices” but the retail chain where the interests of the consumers are in privilege.

In Gars Telecom are sure that as a client Eldorado Company also is worth to get the best: personal approach and the Exceptional client status as well.