Gars Telecom has launched professional voice response service for Exceptional clients.

The service named “Golosary” allows realizing voice menus and responses by the famous announcers’ voices on Russian and English languages. And upon the client’s response the Company is ready to find right pronounce on other languages of the planet.

Gars Telecom offers, perhaps, the most wide voice services range among the telecom-operators that specialized in work with the corporate clients — fixed, IP, mobile telephony, FMC products, and also on the basis of the intellectual platform. At the same time the high quality of the communications sometimes fades before the amateur attitude to the voice responses“.

Service “Golosary” works on the basis of the partnership studio that produces voiceovers for the movies and tv-shows and commercials. Studio’s portfolio contains professional announcers’ voices that we can recognize in the foreign movies, on the radio and in adverts.

“Golosary” is to become the bright accent of the pure image of any company.

Visit the web site of the professional voice response service “Golosary”