Rating Agency “Expert RA” has been preparing rating of the Russian largest IT companies since 2002. By the results of 2008 year Gars Telecom is among the four companies that have got the maximum quantity of the points by the “Level of Confidence to the Company”. Along with Gars Telecom are IBS, ICL from Kazan and Bercut Company from Saint-Petersburg.

“Just two years ago when the first IT companies rating was ready, the market impressed us by the total information stand-off, — wrote ‘Expert RA’ analysts by the 2004 year rating. — The attempt to list the companies that were ready to open the financial indicators failed: there were only two volunteers. There were five the year later”. “Nowadays [by 2008 year results] only 10 companies gave auditor’s conclusion and/or profit and loss statement to erase the level of confidence. Some participants refused to give the data for 2008 year. It is possible that can be explained by the unwillingness to demonstrate the bad financial indicators, — write ‘Expert RA’ analysts.

However, the one of our work major principle is opened and clear relations with our counteragents. It’s occurred that the transparence is not still the norm for Russian IT sector. It means that Gars Telecom will have been ‘creamed off’ in projects out of the multinational and local corporations”.

The year earlier “Expert RA” put Gars Telecom into the TOP3 of the Russian IT companies that render telecommunication services of the “Largest Russian companies on IT and communications technologies” rating and before Gars Telecom had been among five companies with the maximum points by the “Level of Confidence to the Company” criterion. Operator also leads in the telecom-outsourcing sphere by the national “Atlantes of the business” awards in outsourcing and business support sphere.