Viessmann’s slogan sounds as climate of innovation.

Founded nearly a century ago, family enterprise grew familiar with the heating equipment market rather soon. As if for today, Viessmann group of companies owns 16 plants, 120 sales branches and more than 8,5 thousand staff all over the world.

Viessmann product range includes a broad variety of heating equipment, running on gas, liquid fuel and systems for renewable as well. The production spectrum varies from distant control and management systems to underfloor heating systems and other accessories for house heating. In this respect, exports account for 60% of the turnover.

Company has achieved such a weighty result in its niche not only due to attentiveness to the quality and implementation of its own innovations, but also to exposure, flexibility, complex approach to its customers needs and social responsibility as well.

We are pleased that our new client Viessmann demonstrates non-nonsense attitude to its suppliers, partners and itself as well. Well, self-criticism is the main recipe for the future success.