Television company TV Center was founded in 1997, having firmly settled on the third button of TV remotes. Originally “Moscow” channel has become quite popular among other 82 territories of our country as well. In 2005 international version of the channel was launched.

Dozens of films and TV-programs, produced by TV Center, were awarded TEFI; and in 2 recent years channel’s shows and anchors have won 32 awards at 23 Russian and international competitions and festivals.

Channel’s identity — well-known and beloved by everyone actors and journalists: Boris Notkin, Kira Proshutinskaya, Alexey Pushkov, Ivan Usachev, Igor Vernik, Dmitry Kharatyan, Dmitry Dibrov and others.

Channel focuses on headline events in the field of social and cultural life, economics, health care, science and politics and other every-day problems.

Gars Telecom Customer Care and Support Center operates in unison with our new client — TV Center television channel — in 24×7 mode. Gars Telecom will take off channel’s telecom-worries and take up all issues concerning telecommunications providing to the company. All that remains to TV Center is to solve strategic business-tasks and take care of its viewers.