Gars Telecom is a laureate of “InterComm-2010”. This time our well-known corporate project — “Talentocracy” — was nominated. Project includes namesake internet-portal, intranet, complex of cultural and sport events and other tools, all serving the common purpose — comfort conditions for creation within business-processes providing.

There were also 25 projects realized in favor of Citibank, Delta Credit, DHL Express, LG Electronics, Real, UPECO, Azbuka Vkusa, Beliy Veter Tsifrovoy, “Sochi 2014” steering committee, Sibirskiye Seti, MegaFon (Volga region branch), Tetra Pak and other companies among the finalists.

First places were divided according to certain nominations as following:

• Nomination “Growth point” (internal communications for education and development) — Real Hypermarket with the project “Friendly service”;
• Nomination “Priority choice” (internal communications for HR-brand promotion) — Gars Telecom, project “Talentocracy”;
• Nomination “Power of Attraction” (internal communications for increasing motivation and loyalty) — Azbuka vkusa, project “Sales Experts”;
• Nomination “Common basis” (internal communications for unified information environment) — Sibirskie seti, internal portal;
• Nomination “Different view” (projects standing out of abovementioned nominations) — DHL Express, corporate volunteership program.

It’s good to know that “Talentocracy” has outgrown “internal communications” term. From local information resource about Gars Telecom employees and applicants to our Command, project has caught eyes and aroused interest of professionals from other spheres — marketing, event-management, corporate communications, PR and HR experts.

We hope our ideas will find application not only in Gars Telecom. Surely people — are the main active, value and driving force of every company.