SMS2WIFI is a specialized hardware-software solution designed by Gars Telecom with adaptive approach to the clients' needs. The product’s intuitive user interface enables WiFi user authorization via SMS safely and free-of-charge.

Meanwhile, SMS2WIFI has the considerable potential for marketing purposes. The clients of Gars Telecom can seize the product's ample capabilities, including page branding, ad banners placement and push notifications. Once authorization is completed, the user can be redirected to the company’s website or a page with special offer.

Another unique feature of the product is an ability to accumulate the data obtained from the authorized users, for the further analysis. The user’s IP address, access time, sessions, and the sources of traffic are stored in the product’s directories and can be integrated into the company’s BSS systems, which allows clients of Gars Telecom to study, adjust and manage their audience’s loyalty better.