The Gars Telecom consolidated revenues in the 1H, 2009 is 263482 thousand rubles, that is 2% higher the same period of the last year. In the company concerns that the a half year results testify the revenues growth renewal after the market corrections in the beginning of the year.

The new growth drivers, on which the Company focused in the beginning of 2009 allowed Gars Telecom passing the so-called “hell” with the minimal loses — decreasing of the business activity and as the result — the falling of the telecom-services consumption. But up to the middle of the spring the situation had changed to stagnation, and since the beginning of the summer the growth trend has been noted.

We tried to play on the market situation, and we succeeded. Firstly, if earlier many large companies were not ready to listen to about the expenses cutting and costs optimization on telecommunications, with the crisis it became interesting to everybody. Secondly, we cannot but took an advantage of our competitors position dramatically reflected the speed of the clients connections and the services quality. The one is in the merging condition, and the other is in the active phase of the merging and the debt load in several hundreds million USD. Thirdly, for the last half of the year Gars Telecom has obtained an opportunity to sign new contracts with the real estate owners and developers almost on 0,5 million square meters.

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