CNews Analytics has prepared its annual review “Telecom 2013”, within the framework of which published the rating “CNews Telecom 2013: The largest telecommunication companies in Russia”. Among the market leaders the group of companies Gars Telecom is in the 21st place (except for satellite operators and mobile providers). In the "overall ranking" the operator comparing to the last year improved its position by one line and took the 27th place.

The average rate of increase in the market was fixed at around 13,6%. Gars Telecom still retains a consistently high growth rates among Russian telecommunication companies, exceeding the mid-point. According to the provided data a high rate of increase showed the following operators: "ER-Telecom" (43,5% in 2012, 42,5% in 2011), "Nauka-Svyaz" (38,1%), "Obit" (35,6%, 33,6%), "Rostelecom" (31,8%, 7,4%), "Macomnet" (20%, -9,1%), "Gars Telecom" (19,4%, 29,9%), "Ufanet" (18,5% 17,8%), "Enforta" (17,8% and 20,9%).

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the volume of all communication services in 2011 amounted to 1423,1 trillion rubles and, comparing to 2010, increased by 2,7% (the result of 2010 – 2,3%). The evaluation of the Ministry of Communications - 1425 billion rubles with the annual growth of 5,1% (in 2010 – 5,3%). The Ministry of Economic Development captures exactly the same amount of growth as the Federal State Statistics Service – 2,7%. The magnitude of the volume of services was affected by further development of communication networks, the introduction of new services, the pricing policy of the operators, the level of income of population and the corporate activity.

Traditionally, the first lines of the rating are occupied by the "giants" of Russian telecom: "MTS", "VimpelCom", "Rostelecom" and "MegaFon". The competitive struggle to enter the list of top-10 operators in 2012 was meaningless – it ceased to update qualitatively while quantitatively there were only slight movements, for example "ER-Telecom" rose higher, pushing down its competitors. At other positions the movement in the ranking also hasn’t undergone any dramatic changes, the year of 2012 reduced the intensity of emotions and was characterized by a lull in almost all directions.