For the 40 year history Starbucks has evolved from a small coffee-bean shop in Seattle to an international chain with more than 17 thousand coffee houses.

Starbucks founders started with $8-thousand budget, 5 of which were borrowed. They studied the basics of beans selection and roast art at the next-door coffee house owner. And 9 months later they have placed their own roaster. Starbucks’ unique philosophy has done all the rest. Today 6000 coffee houses in 30 countries keep gaining the brand’s adepts.

Every year Starbucks’ employees degust more than 150 thousand cups of coffee from different plantations to select the best sorts and compose its famous bouquets. At the same time Starbucks enters TOP-100 best employers, according to Fortune magazine.

Starbucks and Gars Telecom were made for each other — companies are knitted with similarity in approach to work and attitude to the surrounding world.