Clothes displayed on international runaways are not meant to be of fabulous money. Team of Podium managed to put two opposites by gathering at PODIUM Market chain high street brands at affordable prices.

PODIUM market is the fastest-growing project of Podium – fashion company that first introduced luxury brands to Russian audience. PODIUM Market belongs to another segment; it is a chain of stores representing international “fast fashion”, affordable luxury, and young Russian designers.  The PODIUM market concept is based on an simple fact: to let people buy quality clothes without high expenses. PODIUM market aims at a broad audience, including both young and more conservative customers. Moreover, the store designs its own line under a brand Berlucci.

Six stores In Moscow and several in the region makes PODIUM Market and prove that the chain has found its audience. Having started our partnership with PODIUM Market, Gars Telecom provides wire internet and telephone network that correspond to the needs of such a dynamic organization.