An anniversary is always a big celebration. However, not everyone can boast of a 100-year jubilee! Nevertheless, there are some lucky ones.

The Danieli company was really founded a hundred years ago – in 1914, and today it is one of the top suppliers of metallurgical equipment worldwide. It produces cold rolling mills, hot rolling mills, long products, etc. the main factories are located in Italy (in Buttrio, where the headquarters of the organization is located), Germany (Olpe), Sweden (Smedjebacken) and France (Paris).

The group of companies Gars Telecom as yet can only dream about the centennial, because even at least the Internet itself isn’t so old yet. Nevertheless, this year we also celebrate the joyous milestone birthday – 15 years. Gars Telecom story begins with the construction of its own data communication network and the determination of the development strategy. And it is an example of how a business can grow without significant investments, any belonging to PPG and “administrative resources” – in return with the right focus and prioritization. And they played their role – and for many years the operator heads the lists of the fastest growing IT companies and the leading operators of the country.

The operator Gars Telecom wishes Danieli to meet more than one equally significant anniversary, and for its part will make all the efforts for that during all these years the telecommunications of the company would be at its best.