AB.LV (Aizkraukles banka Latvija) is in the TOP 5 of the largest commercial Latvian banks by the financial indicators — assets size, property assets, draw investments.

In 2007 united revenues of the Aizkraukles banka and affiliated structures was 56,7 million lats, increasing in comparison with 2006 by 25,4%. The total Concern assets reached 1,15 billions lats that is 41,2% more than by the 2006 year results.

Both companies are incorporated by the same approach and philosophy of the way we serve our clients. We are sure that telecom-business as well as banking is a business of services. The deal won’t be successful if clients are not satisfied with the service level. To make clients pleased it is necessary exceed expectations: to render service better than they reckon upon.

The quality level has become the key factor to choose strategic telecom-partner for Latvian bank in Russia.