The history of “Argumenty I Facty” started in 1978 with a small brochure, that contained information classified information. It had kept the status of one the authorities’ propaganda instruments for nearly ten years.

But since 1985 the editors changed the format dramatically; and the issue obtained an image, well-known for every our fellow-citizen.

Since then the publishing house, grown up on the basis of the newspaper, has been developing extensively. And the newspaper’s circulation, passed over 33,5 mln copies, has even enabled it to get to The Guinness Book of Records. Today “Argumenty I Facty” is the most popular title at home and abroad. There is a prize for the best non-english newspaper in the world on the editors’ shelf, and the title itself can be seen on the tables of subscribers in 60 countries. Publishing house also possesses the most distributed regional network — 66 publishers in Russia and 12 abroad.

In newspaper’s issues public and political events in Russia and in the world, cultural and sport news are covered, social problems are raised. Also a number of thematic appendixes devoted to heath, recreation and lifestyle can be met in the publishing house’s portfolio.

Global projects and large-scale tasks is a litmus test for Gars Telecom team professionalism. We are happy, that we are the ones who have got a chance to provide publishing house “Argumenty I Facty” with telecommunications.