There are two Louis XIII whose names are inscribed in history. The first refers to the legendary King of France and the second brings us to a cognac band by Remy Cointreau. And for almost two centuries it proves its right to be served for royalties.

Remy Cointreau was founded as a result of merging of two alcohol houses those history traces back to XVIII and XIX centuries respectively. Traditions of both Remy Martin and Cointreau have been maintaining for 25 years already, and managed to win love of the likes of Elisabeth II and Elton John.

It goes without doubt that such large and prestigious alcohol producer as Remy Cointreau must be provided with the best infrastructure telecommunication company can offer. That’s why from the very beginning of the partnership in 2013 Gars Telecom not only has been maintaining its leading position on b2b telecommunication market, but constantly improving its services for Remy Cointreau’s sake.