It is difficult to imagine the modern world without such means of transportation like car. For some people that`s just convenience and comfort, for others it is opportunity to show the status. Sometimes it flows together like in famous brand Citroën.

The history of Citroën starts with the birth of its trademark - Andre. Working in the workshop manufacturing details for the steam trains, Andre quickly achieved success. At 1908, he became the director of Mors factory. At 1919 there was invented a new car - Citroën.

Gradually the company has been developing and generating new technologies. Surely, let`s not forget about another manufacturers, which have been introducing actively new cars to the market. However, it is said that competition is engine for progress, that’s why Citroën has developed revolutionary new model «Traction Avant», which had three important specificities such as full metal bearing unitized body, front-wheel drive and independent front suspension.

The way of evolution of Citroën was full of ups and downs, but it`s never stopped the company from being itself. So far, the company is still moving on, providing the high quality service for its clients. We are very similar in that fact, therefore we found common ground with each other. Thanks to «Gars Telecom», our new friends from «Citroën» can fully support cars on the roads 24 hours a day.