Smolensk is called a capital of Russian lapidary industry not for nothing. Since it was founded in 1963 “Kristall” holding has been still one of the world largest lapidary companies. And 6 years ago on its base “Smolenskiye blillanty” appeared. Today the company is a fair competitor for TOP world brands.

Thanks largely to Smolensk production association, brilliant industry learned about Russian faceting school, which means high quality of material processing: level of table polishing and tesseral geometry of a brilliant. Team of “Smolenskiye Brillianty” — multinational specialists — creates unique collections and custom orders as well. And the most headline-making of recent masterpieces of the company seems to be the ring for Pope Benedict XVI.

“Smolenskiye Brillianty” is a powerful example, proving that in Russia substantive brands can be created. The same can be applied to a new partner for telecommunications — Gars Telecom. We will try to anticipate our “twin soul” expectations with high-quality perfect service.