The Ministry of communications plans to establish the new 4 numbered codes to provide the access to the IC/LD communications in the April, 2009.

Remind that since 1st January, 2006 when the long distance communications market reform has been started the subscriber has got the 3 opportunities to choose IC/LD operator: Rostelecom on default, to sign an agreement with the other operator (pre-select) or to choose the operator at the each call (hot-choice). Today more than 30 operators got the license to render this service and the more desire.

The new format will allow solving the lack of the codes problem. Before the double numbered code the double numbered prefix should be and in hot-choice mode the subscriber should press “15XY” and “XY” — the code in the period “00” up to “99” to choose the operator through the ATS.

It is possible that the codes can be used in the mobile networks. By the plan the operator will be chosen from the list on the mobile phone display and Rostelecom will be used on default. However, in the official statement the information concerning mobile hot-choice does not mention and the Ministry only going to discuss it during the science-technical council.