Gars Telecom Company always tries not frittering away.

We always attract by the professionalism and deep thinking about the clients requirements, but not by the enthusiastic tendency of the maximum growth of the subscribers base. We refuse to take part in tenders if they carried out not to choose the most optimal carrier that fits the class of the project, but to attract as many candidates as possible and than “twist the arms”.

Our desire to participate in the wide scale and interesting projects allowed us for the short time becoming the Different telecom-carrier. And we are not boasting — our clients’ references flowchart is self-explanatory.

The new Company project is turnkey providing of the cult hotel Leningradskaya. This is one out of the seven capital skyscrapers which is among the world monument of architecture secured by UNESKO. It is clear to imagine the responsibility level which was entrusted while the realizing the complex of the modern communications.

The result is on our hands. Welcome to the new Hilton Leningradskaya Moscow!