The company Gars Telecom and the project «Sports for Good» go along hand in hand already for a long time. We are always happy to support sports initiatives of the fund «Downside Up», which transfer all the proceeds from the event to the assistance programs for children with Down syndrome.

So, of course, we can not ignore the ski race, which is traditionally held in the recreational park Bitsa, because imagining the winter without skis in Gars is as hard as a summer without a bike!

The running race on skis, which took place on the 14 of February brought together 629 people, which has brought a record amount of donations — more than half a million rubles — and brought the project «Sport for Good» to a new level. The wards of the fund have also embarked on skis and conquered the distances, along with those who help them.

The employees of Gars Telecom have enthusiastically answered the call of our long-term partners and not only assembled the sports team, but also pulled their friends and relatives in the event. Everybody have shown good results, but in particular we can mark the success of Peregudov Vitali (5 km in 26 min.) and Nyappi Veyko (5 km in 41 min.) amongst the male part of our delegates and also Sidorenko Ksenia (3 km in 22 min.) and Zubova Karina (3 km in 33 min.) amongst the female part. 

To see how they overcame the distance, you can visit the library of our website.