Finnish word “Valio” is translated as “the best”, “high-quality”, “upscale”. On the one hand bearing such name is a guarantee of success and a great responsibility on the other. Since 1905 company has been proving its superiority by covering more and more lines of activity.

Today Finland annually exports more than 800 items of the best samples of butter, cheese and milk products branded “Valio” to Russia, USA, Northern Europe and CIS countries. Our country amounts 30% of Finnish producer total export. By the way, supply of Valio goods to Russia started even in 1908 and were proceeded in the Soviet times — “Viola” cheese is still popular in our country and shares 13,4% of Russian melted cheese market.

Gars Telecom will provide the company’s representative office with telecommunications under “Valio” standard — “the best”, “high-quality”, “upscale” ones. Welcome to a key club of charismatic companies!