Every women`s heart flutters at the mention of such a brand as TOUS, in which every jewelry embodies tenderness, good mood and spirit of youth.

The history of family brand TOUS was established in small clock repairing workshop in 1920, where the first steps towards to jeweler's arts have been taken. The very first adornments were made in small utility room, where one of the brand`s owners - Rose Oriol`, had been changing client`s jewelry in unique and modern adornments. By the way in the same place Rose has created the main brand`s symbol - cult imagery of bear.

With every passing year, TOUS becomes stronger on the international arena and number of shops is constantly growing. Today TOUS has about 500 saloons, presented on five continents in every of which tastes and desires are taken into account. Ability to listen clients and earn their trust – that`s what makes brand unique.

Gars Telecom and TOUS like two hard working families with rich history, where each is trying to be the most successful company in its industry. The ambitious and dream devotion bring us together with our new friends from TOUS and, as stated, to good people – the best telecom services.