It has been repeated over and over again that the beauty comes from within, and what one eats forms the appearance. The company “Live Healthy” moves from words to deeds, offering its customers healthy nutrients in both offline and online stores.

“Live Healthy” sticks to an opinion that food is not only a source of energy, but also a medicine that keeps people toned and brisk. The shop’s range consists only of natural and wholesome products particularly by local farmers: thanks to that customers receive the items directly from the manufacturers. Also the company takes care of the customers time – all the assortment is now available online.

How to keep people healthy and in a good mood, “Live Healthy” knows better than many others; but when it comes to telecommunications, there’s no better expert than Gars Telecom. Our carrier partners up with the store and provides telephone services (including “8-800”) and internet connection that stand out on Moscow market.