Have you ever noticed that every year the technologies of various spheres are developing with such activity, that it seems like the gap between the reality and the film-conjectures about the upcoming changes is shrinking rapidly? We don’t want to think about the capturing the world by artificial intelligence, but we shouldn’t deny that the technologies are beginning to penetrate all parts of our lives.

For example, within the strategy of the Russian IT industry’s development for 2014-2020 and in perspective for 2025 one of the drivers for the market will be the development of electronic document management. In addition, a special attention is paid to the shift of the public services, school textbooks and many other instruments into electronic system, as well as the placement of the most popular services of mass consumption into the national “cloud” environment, etc. Summarize, to the mass access to services in electronic form.

All the companies that integrate business processes in web sphere work with this program very laconically. Among their number there’s the transfer of payments into online system.

The system of online payments PlatBox is designed by a team of experienced, creative professionals in the field of e-commerce and m-commerce, who are fluent in all relevant tools and technologies on monetizing services and other services of any complexity.

It is offered for clients to use the most popular payment gateways within a single connection. Internet acquiring (Avtoplatezh, virtual cards), Mobile Commerce (Direct payment, USSD-solutions, PayByClick), E-invoicing, electronic money, Microfinance. The list of services is being constantly updated and displayed automatically in the customers’ personal accounts.

The group of companies Gars Telecom keeps up with current trends and perhaps even foresees them, and therefore already for a long time offers a number of services and services, connected with the “electronification” of the workflows. Among them: “Mobile Office”, “Virtual PBX", “Cloud service”, “Virtual WS” based on the thin clients and others. The company was the first in the Russian market to implement the concept of “managing the customer’s telecommunications”, and a significant increase of the decision effectiveness is determined by the policy of the technologies’ implementation that allows to develop evolutionarily the built communication systems, as well as to integrate the services of other operators. Also, and this seems as a matter of course, the company has a policy of continuous expansion of the range of services and the implementation of new technologies, which enables us to offer the customers the unique and innovative solutions.

Gars Telecom and PlatBox move with the time, and now keeps pace with each other, and we are looking forward to a fruitful and long-term cooperation between our companies.