How wonderful it would be if no one in the world never skimped care of each other and paid more attention to this! Without any doubts, life would be easier and more enjoyable. Well, good that some people still regard the care of the close as of paramount importance.

One of them is the company «Iglo», the leading brand in Europe for the production of frozen products. In addition to a careful selection of the highest quality products, the company focuses on the special technology of their preparation, in the process of which all the useful properties are being retained. The Iglo experts care about the health of their consumers and of the content of nutrients in their products.

The Iglo company understands that vegetables and fish are essential components of a healthy diet, and because of that tries with all its forces to keep all those components that make the food useful. For this reason, all the vegetables are frozen on the day of harvest, and the fish is cut and processed directly on the ship, immediately after the catch. All the products are subjected to shock freezing by the technology "Iglo Nature Freeze" at the temperature of -40 °C. This method allows to keep the freshness of products naturally, without using any preservatives, colorings or flavor enhancers. In addition, very little microscopic ice crystals are formed this way which does not destroy the structure of cells.

Moreover, the company also takes care of our home planet, strictly observing all legal fishing regulations. Together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) it created the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The company invests a lot in the long-term relationship with agriculture and helps to keep the soil fertile, first of all, with the natural fertilizers. And this is very pleasing.

Well, the company Iglo cares about our health and the content of the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals in their products, and in our turn we care about the quality of communication and about our customers, among which now is also the company Iglo.

The purpose of the group of companies Gars Telecom is to be the lawmaker of global standard of quality of the Russian telecommunication industry, the benchmark for other companies in the market. Above all, it lies in the fact that the attention to customers is paid at all stages of the ongoing project. In this case, each company has a personal manager with a day-and-night access. In addition, our work is built that way that every request is processed in a matter of minutes, and the problems are solved in a matter of hours. The focus on the customer and the care of him – that is the basis of reliable partnership. And how nice it is when such a caring attitude is mutual!