According to the researches of the carried out by the Cisco Systems request the best internet is in Sweden and Netherlands. Researchers note that the broadband and copper optical cables have the governmental support and the local access providers and cable TV permanently invest in the infrastructure development. The world leader is Japan where despite the island structure of the country the majority of channels is the fiber-optic lines.

To evaluate the quality of the network access researches carried out 8 million tests upon the connection to the experimental servers via the technology. During the researches specialists took into consideration such indexes as the connection speed and the time of the signal delay.

These researches show that some well-to-do countries such as Great Britain, Spain, Australia, or Italy offer its citizenry not so good connection quality via the modern cable channels.

The USA and Russia are on the 16th and 17th position in the rating. The high data of the broadband networks quality in Russia can be explained by the availability of the fiber-optical technologies and the high competition level. Researchers also note that the broadband networks in our country are ready enough to the applications of the future.

“The research of the quality of the broadband channels considered that a new generation of the web-applications would demand the higher capacity of the broadband networks, — noted Alastair Nicholson from Saïd Business School Oxford University. — Nowadays average speed of the data downloading in the networks are suitable to check the web sites, to work with e-mail, and the basic services of video files downloading and stream video. However in the world the new interactive applications are appearing, generating, and downloading more and more users’ content and spreading more higher quality video services”.

It is notable that the research reflected the evident correlation between the broadband networks quality in the world and its successes in the sphere of the knowledge economy.