There are as many questions about nutrition as many years people exist. Especially, talking about curing rhythm of life. Even at V century, during times of ancient Greeks, Socrates payed attention on the importance of right food: « Live not to eat, but eat to live». However, at previous time products were ecologically clean and healthy, but how to be now? That is right, believe just to the right manufacturer, for example VICI.

Even 20 years trademark VICI combines nice taste and unsurpassed quality, proved to be a legislator of high European standards, not just in the CIS, but in more than 40 cities in the world. One of company`s feature is wide range of production, which is very precious by ones who has tight schedule and never enough time to cook. Quickly filling of lost forces and energizing for the whole day, what can be better?

By the way, thanks to VICI we are in Gars Telecom know that surimi sticks are not chemical manufacturing, but natural product, which consists of nonfat types of sea fish. Our wonder was so great, as wonder of VICI, when they found out, that Internet could be not just qualitative, but with reasonable prices. Well, it is time for us to taste real surimi sticks and time for VICI to enjoy uncompromising quality of our Telecom!