Have you ever noticed that sometimes the significance of the same word in different languages is different? And it is not about what is recognized by the expression «falso amigo» (“false friends”), but about the emotional coloring – the attitude to the word itself.

A striking example of it may be the word «ambition». It turned out that for Russian citizens this item entail a nasty shade of arrogance and excessive pride. Meanwhile, to our European neighbours, especially for business-minded Americans, ambitions mean a natural desire to achieve new heights, an intrinsic motivation for permanent self-improvement.

The Group of companies Gars Telecom adheres to the foreign attitude to the word and doesn’t see anything reprehensible in the constant desire to be the industry leader. And we must say, it finds a lot of like-minded people in its customers and partners.

Prop-trading company United Traders, one of the largest associations of professional traders in the world on such parameters as the amount of assets under management and the number of transactions carried out within the day, also doesn’t like to rest on their laurels. The United Traders’ team actively develops, reaching its goals. Moreover every each new goal for them is always in order of magnitude greater than the previous. Thus, two years in a row the company was beating all possible records in the most prestigious competition among private investors held by the Moscow stock exchange and MICEX, entitled as a “Best Private Investor”; it established a trading robot that won first place in the competition “Best Private Investor 2011”; and most recently the company's traders launched the first hedge fund Kvadrat Black SPC. According to the words of the representatives of the organization, they are constantly monitoring the way the world is changing, and changing along with it.

The company Gars Telecom is solidary with these successful traders and it is also never afraid to act “against the grain” of the market, to take up highly complex tasks or to look strange in the eyes of the competitors. Its team has enough courage and inspiration to follow its own way. And obviously enough ambition.

United Traders company has created the largest trade-room in Russia and the CIS, equipped with the latest technology and located in the heart of Moscow. Besides, it already has offices in St. Petersburg, Kiev, Chelyabinsk, Almaty and Kirov. And the operator Gars Telecom bravely takes up the maintenance of a high level quality of the communications to the prop-trading company, no matter how ambitious would be its plans.