For years culinary is rightfully placed among other arts; sometimes ways to slice, stew, boil, and fry are not available for average housekeepers, not mentioning more delicate techniques. Fortunately, there is a vast variety of delicious meals at “The Karavaeyev Brothers” that will not leave hungry even a fussy eater.

The atmosphere of busy café welcomes the visitor from the very entrance. However, a big part of company’s revenue comes from take away purchases – that makes the chain closer to the concept of “a local shop”. At the same time “The Karavayevy Brothers” stands out among its competitors. Thanks to its innovative approach (the company first introduced the electric line service) and attentive personnel alongside  a full-fledged catering facilities, the chain gained customers’ loyalty. Such client-oriented attitude is something that cannot be left unnoticed – and this is what we as the telecom partner of “The Karavayevy Brothers” are proud of.