From now on, S7 Airlines passengers who travel from International Domodedovo Airport, can while away the time before their flight at one of airlines’ business lounges with premium Wi-Fi connection provided by Gars Telecom.

It goes without saying that the quality wireless access to the internet seems to be a logical supplement to the wide range of services provided by S7 Airlines that are commited to both local and international flights. However, the implementation of Wi-Fi network at airports has its own pitfalls.

Establishing Wi-Fi network at the airport poses certain difficulties because of radio frequencies congestion and high user density since many of passengers own 2 or 3 connected devices.To maintain reliable communications, the remote Wi-Fi network segments located in different S7 Airlines lounges were gathered through the partner network infrastructure. The user traffic is aggregated in the central IT node of the airlines company.

The premium quality wireless access to the internet with transfer speed up to 1GB/sec is now available for S7 Airlines passengers who stay in the business lounges in the international and domestic terminals of the International Domodedovo Airport (DME).