For quite a long time, the most frequent order at a cafeteria includes just two positions. And they are a coffee or tea not with convenient cheesecake or a croissant, but with a password for Wi-Fi. 

A free-of-charge access to internet is a perfect way for catering services, public spaces and entertainment centers to win customers’ loyalty. However, with the introduction of obligatory user identification in January 2016 many enterprises were urged to dispense with such a bonus. Gars Telecom claims, no worries here: the carrier’s new service SMS2WiFI not only makes the authorization process easier but also turns it into a powerful tool for company’s marketing and analytical needs. 

The product’s intuitive user interface enables WiFi user authorization via SMS safely and free-of-charge.

Meanwhile, SMS2WIFI allows clients of Gars Telecom to study, adjust and manage their audience’s loyalty better. The companies can seize the product's ample capabilities, including page branding, ad banners placement and push notifications. Once authorization is completed, the user can be redirected to the company’s website or a page with special offer.