Started as a small publisher in 1994, Aktion-Media has developed into a major b2b media holding with offices in 9 cities within Russia and a partner network of over 300 companies.

The first title issued by Aktion-Media was «Glavbukh (Chief Accountant)» that opened a way to several dozens of accounting journals. Subsequently Aktion-Media stepped into other markets by launching specialized magazines for other economic sectors or acquiring already existing. Thus, HR-specified titles first emerged in 2003, then in 2007 there appeared juridical and financial magazines, in 2009 – editions for top management. In the last 2 years alone, the group issued three new titles, and now its portfolio comprises 32 digital assets, 4 referral systems, 34 publications, 38 mobile apps for professionals in various fields.

Company is always in quest of fresh ideas and solutions, and is effectively adjusting to the media landscape. Since 2006 Aktion-Media has been expanding its digital expertise, and nowadays the company earns up 40% of its profit on online services and products.

A constant pursue of innovations, expansion, modernization can be possible only within a well-built and logical infrastructure, and the telecommunication infrastructure provided to Aktion-Media by Gars Telecom, plays an important role in company’s prolific operation.