Dalkia company was founded in 1937, when heating systems at Villiers-Saint-Denis hospital suddenly broke down. Reacting to the problem immediately, Léon Dewailly, Chauffage Service company (since 1998 — Dalkia) founder impressed the hospital’s administration with the speed and quality of repair works, so the hospital remains Dalkia’s client till present.

By the beginning of 21st century, company has had both feet on the ground in the field of energy services and has confirmed its status of international brand — Dalkia’s representative offices and affiliated companies are opened all over the world, Dalkia is a European leader in Energy sphere. The main business dimension is heating and energy supply systems management.

In 2009 Dalkia’s revenue amounted ?8,14 billion. At the same time company saved 14,7 MWh for its clients — representatives of all industries, health, state and local authorities, private and commercial real estate spheres.

Gars Telecom will try to meet company’s demands in telecommunication services for Dalkia’s further business development in our country and all over the world. We believe in a long-term efficient collaboration of our companies.