Gars Telecom has become a partner in the field of telecommunications for Alliance Continental Company — the one out of the most rapidly developing Russian companies in the field of assets management.

Company has entered the market with unique business approach — assets management is not only the investment process aimed to get profit but it is promoted as an art.

In the December, 2007 Company became a winner in yearly national awards “The Company of the Year” as the “The opening of the year”. Expert Counsel of the Award specially noted the financial successes, opened working policy of Alliance Continental with the investors, non-governmental organizations, the governmental agencies.

Earlier Company won the first prize in the rating of the information agency among the Russian Management Companies by the involved capital volume, and also became the winner of the 2nd yearly awards in the field of assets management “Piphia-2007” in nomination — “Management of the close share investment fund”.

The assistance to our clients’ business development is one out of the primary aims of Gars Telecom. We hope, that mutual co-operation our rapid growing companies will allow not only supporting Alliance Continental status but saving the high results in the future as well.