Gars Telecom becomes telecom-carrier of the “Rostechinventarizacia” federal state unitary enterprise (FSUE) which is the biggest Russian state company realizing real estate units’ inventory.

“Rostechinventarizacia” FSUE is the only enterprise certified to carry out technical inventory in 85 regions of Russia. Company network unites 80 branches, 900 local agencies and 13 thousand of employees. In 20 regions “Rostechinventarizacia” FSUE is steadily on the leading positions.

Great real estate units data archive and federal multi branched network allows rendering efficient and qualified services for leading Russian and foreign companies such as RAO UES, RZD, Gazprom, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow Mass Rapid Transit, Rosneft, Ramstore, IKEA, METRO and etc.