Gars Telecom has been confirmed as the associated member of the Guild of Managers and Developers (GMD) — the leading public community of the management and development companies of Russia and the CIS countries with the head quarters in Saint-Petersburg. The association was founded in 2002. For the 7 years of the activity GMD from the small professional unity has grown to noncommercial partnership which works to develop the commercial real estate market, to build the comfort conditions to raise the professionalism of the management and developer companies of Russia. Under the auspices of GMD is the largest project in North-West region — International investing forum for commercial real estate PROEstate.

Unlike the majority of telecommunication operators that render services for retail market and for the corporate sector as well, Gars Telecom specializes on the work with the commercial real estate. Notably, it exclusively realizes in Russia specialized telecom-solutions that fit international standard BLEC (Building Local Exchange Carrier). That is why joining the GMD is the acknowledged step of the telecom-operator.

Gars Telecom plans play active role in the Guild development.