Who has not dreamed as a child of having for breakfast, lunch and dinner only ice cream, cakes, candies and cakes? How much joy have brought all those family tea parties with our favorite sweets! But «sweets spoil teeth», «kill appetite» and generally «eating a lot of them is not good for health»... But it turns out that to some confectionery applying such arguments is being unfair at all.

Already in the 1930’s years by the technologists of the factory «Udarnitsa» there were invented and created salutary sweets: pastille, marshmallow, jellies, and a little later – cranberry in sugar. The ethereal masses of delicacies include unique beneficial agent agar-agar, which is being derived from seaweed. As part of marmalade - fruit puree, natural fruit juices and highly nutritious natural element - pectin. And cranberry, which due to a special manufacturing technology does not lose its beneficial properties, contains many essential body substances: vitamins, minerals, organic acids. Truly, a storehouse of everything useful, while those are our beloved by everybody sweets.

For the development and implantation of new products and equipment, for the high quality of products the factory experts were repeatedly awarded with diplomas and medals by the «Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy», as well as by international exhibitions. After all, many items of the factory «Udarnitsa» were unique not only for Russia but also for the whole world.

The group of companies Gars Telecom is also seeking for development of the products and services that are unrivaled in the market. Among them the service of wireless access and FMC. In addition, Gars Telecom became the first virtual mobile operator (MVNO), which is focused on the corporate sector. It also became a flagship in implementing the concept of management of the Client's telecommunications, thus becoming the only telecom operator at the federal level with a status of a personal telecom atelier to its customers.

The telecom services can't be wholesome or harmful, they are necessary as air in the work of enterprises. They are not beneficial to health, but the convenience they bring may be compared only with the use of vitamins that bring in the structure of "the body" (read company) essential microelements (read possibilities) for its smooth operation and proper functioning. And we hope that in collaboration with Gars Telecom the factory «Udarnitsa» will see not only the benefit from the services and the quality of services, but also will feel the joy of our partnership and of the fact that they have chosen us. Such joy that feels the child that selected from the box of chocolates the one with the most delicious topping.