How many natural deposits are hidden in Russian subsoil areas? It is for certain known that our country is rich with minerals that are located both in mastered and potential fields. Schlumberger is the industry’s leader in finding and developing such areas worldwide and particularly in Russia. 

Schlumberger has a long and extensive history of operating on Russian market, starting from first contract signed with the Soviet Government in 1929 and destined for developing oilfields in Baku and Grozny. In 1932 Schlumberger and the USSR established the joint company that successfully performed during five consecutive years. The company completed more than seven thousand geophysical researches and built wirelines with of 1.800 km in total throughout the territory of the Soviet Union, from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to the Baikal and the Sakhalin. Back to Russia in 1991, Schlumberger was the first esnterprise to conduct geophysical researches at Varioganskiy and Tagrinskiy areas.

Nowadays, Schlumberger rends services for the likes of Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Sibneft, BP, Dutch/Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, Total, Agip among other petroleum industry leaders. At the same time, the company actively cooperates with the representatives of medium and small industry players.

For the most productive way to communicate with clients and maintain the best connection among different stations and oilfields, Gars Telecom provides Schlumberger with the telecommunication infrastructure of the highest reliability.