Alpine Electronics is a world leader in car audio. History of the Company dates back to 1948 in Japan, where the company Kataoka was founded. Alpine broke away in 1967 and took over Kataoka’s experience and traditions.

In the mid-’80s, when the Alpine was working to the utmost with the U.S. markets, the Japanese head office received a packet. Its contents has determined the subsequent development of the company. Packet has arrived from America, it was an Alpine’s tape recorder with a hole from the 45 caliber bullet. The tape recorder was accompanied by the following explanation: “It has been three times to repair, but it did not start to work ...”. After analyzing this message, the company has adopted a strategy of five excellences. This means whatever kind of activity Alpine’s specialists are engaged into — development, production, marketing, service, or work with partners — everyone must be excellent or not to be at all. By the way holey radio is still stored in the Alpine Museum.

To listen and to hear your clients is the real key to the business success. Therefore, cooperation with such a sensitive company like Alpine Electronics is particularly valuable to us. Gars Telecom takes the telecommunications of this successful and wonderful company under its wing, and promises to be no less sensitive and flexible than Alpine in relation to its clients.