Switzerland has been famous for its watch manufacturers for many centuries. Family enterprise Ulysse Nardin, founded on 1846, is among them. Brand has been connected to marine navigation for nearly all its history. Precision of Ulysse Nadrin chronometers was assured by multiple tests in extreme temperatures. Thus, the company obtained 4324 certificates of 4504, awarded by Neuchâtel Observatory. But the most significant estimation is seamen’s trust – Ulysse Nardin chronometers equipped over 50 navies of all continents.

At the end of XX century the company changed owners, who had breathed new life into it. Ulysse Nardin has managed not only to enter mechanic watches market successfully, but also bring the brand to the pages of Guinness Book of Records by launching the world most complicated astronomical hand watches.

For navigation through sometimes astronomically complicated telecommunication market, Ulysse Nardin got a new mechanism which was provided by Gars Telecom team.