JSC “Start Telecom” has become a partner of the group of companies Gars Telecom.

Today “Start Telecom” is the federal telecommunication operator, offering modern and efficient integrated solutions in the field of telecommunications for the corporate clients of any level, as well as for those that have a regionally distributed infrastructure. The company offers a wide range of services for telecom operators, provided on the basis of backbone and local data networks of “Start Telecom”. In 2010, the company has become the sixth in the list of the largest backbone operators in the Russian Federation for the length of communication network. By the results of 2012 “Start Telecom” has taken the 22d place among the largest telecommunication companies in the country. At the end of 2011, the company launched and now actively develops the project of construction of municipal broadband networks based on the FTTB technology in cities with a population from 200 to 300 thousand people.

Under conditions of the increased level of competition and the financial instability of the world markets as a whole, it is always much wiser to be unite, because only united it is possible to overcome any difficulties. The same applies to the field of telecommunications. Thus, finding similar views and approaches to asset management, many communications service providers come to a conclusion about the relevance of co-development of businesses. Why build duplicate lines, hub sites etc., when you can focus the efforts on improving the quality of customer service and the offered services. Both operators also decided like this - Gars Telecom and Start Telecom. And started to go to a new future together, shoulder to shoulder. The company Gars Telecom always welcomes new partners and believes that the active co-working will bring tangible benefits.