A popular saying states that in East there is no life without chaikhona – a common place for oriental people to spend their spare time sipping on tea, having delicious food and smoking hookah. Thanks to Chaikhona №1, an extensive chain of chill restaurants that serves the Uzbek cuisine, these days Moscovites prefer this way of enjoying leisure time.

Started as a pop-up project, Chaikhona №1 had three temporary cafes: the first was launched in the luxurious area of Rubloyovka, the two others accommodated in the Park Gorkogo and the Hermitage garden. The fusion of Uzbek cuisine and chillout atmosphere brought Chaikhona №1 to a huge success, and these days there're more than 30 cafes operating only in Moscow on an on-going basis.

Chaikhona №1 is destined to provide its visitors a relaxed atmosphere that will distract them from the hustle and bustle of the city. Such an ambitious task is totally corresponding to Gars Telecom’s beliefs – to excel in providing telecommunication services. We managed to build one internet network for 31 restaurants of the chain, and now, besides an excellent Uzbek cuisine Chaikhona №1 can offer a perfect internet connection and wonderful delivery service.