Second national Building Awards ceremony that placed on the most glorified capital ground gathered not only like-minded persons, colleagues and friends. For the first time event united such a number of the chief executives of the Russian development market who won prizes, had a rest, communicated and shared gossips.

Awards Expert Committee consisted of professionals from Russian and international companies that are connected with Russian developers determined the winners upon 13 nominations.

Gars Telecom with great pleasure congratulates the prize-winners among them which are friends and partners such as Don-Stroy (“City Real Estate”), UK “Masshtab” (“Urban Development”), RODEX GROUP (“Suburban Real Estate”), Forum Properties (“Office Real Estate”), IKEA MOS (“Trade Real Estate”), MLP (“Warehouse Real Estate”), MIRAX GROUP (“High-rise Constructing” and “Information Openness”), RGI International ltd. (“Unblemished reputation” and “Architectural Quality”), Sistema Hals (“Investment Appeal”), Eurasia Logistics (“Regional Expansion”) and ST Group Region (“According to Law”).

Solemn ceremony gathered company’s chief executives and show-business stars as well. Mikhail Yefremov, Aleksandr Strizhenov, Anfisa Tschechowa, Sergey Mazaev, Alexey Kazakov and others were beheld there.

Exclusive photo session is only on Gars Telecom web site!