Every person more or less familiar with Soviet literature and culture of Brezhnev period knows a poem “Moscow-Petushki” written by Venechka Erofeev. And for those who want to soak them into Soviet way of life, Kolomna’s museum "Artkommunalka" opens its doors.

Venedict Erofeev is not mentioned only by chance: the museum’s location previously was occupied by a grocery shop where the writer served as a loader. All in all, the “Artkommunalka” praises Erofeev as an inspiration and even “a genius of the place”. The museum carefully maintains the atmosphere and mood of commune flat typical for Soviet 60s. The residence exposes not only a permanent collection, but also is a venue for table reads, workshops, concerts that help to learn more and understand the everyday life of Soviet people.  

As a huge interest in the mission of “Artkommunalka” including from the part of the government, the museum is of great demand and corresponds to the visitors’ needs. Gars Telecom is happy to render telecommunication infrastructure that allows the organization to be well-known and attract new audience.