Only a few decades ago there was such scarce information on nature and wild life available on Russian TV that all sources confined to only two programs on federal channels. Luckily, the situation changed for good in the early 00s when Fox Networks Group launched its famous National Geographic and Geo Wild on Russian broadcasting.

Fox Networks Group is an internationally acclaimed company that has been developing, producing and distributing its entertainment, documentary, sports and film channels in Europe, Africa, both Americas and Asia. Under Fox’s belt, there are such brands as Fox, Fox Life, Fox Crime, FX, National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Wild, The History Channel, Baby TV among many others. Perhaps the most popular and loved channel is National Geographic created by Fox together with the US National Geographic society. In Russia solely, its audience exceeds 12 million viewers, and and namesake documentaries gained more than 800 awards on various festivals and contests.

We in Gars Telecom are not going to deny how keen we are on all what National Geographic broadcasts and produces (that has been declared many time on pages of Gars Telecom journal). We believe that this fact will provide a solid ground for further successful partnership.