White Wind. Digital” is the largest retail chain for digital and electronic equipment has not missed a figure to choose Gars Telecom as the telecom-services provider.

The history of “White Wind” began in 1991. We should render thanks for this Company for the laptops in retail. The work upon the Western standards “White Wind” integrated the modern innovation in sales such as proforma order, telephone sales and via an Internet, show rooms.

To satisfy any client the Company presents several concepts: “Yours DIGITAL shop”, “Your DIGITAL boutique”, “DIGITAL mall”. Moreover, “White Wind. DIGITAL” retail chain growth permanently. By the 2008 year results it included 94 shops almost in each city in Russia with million populations.

The active position and the quest for excellence allowed “White Wind” becoming the “digital” and shifting the ground on the market. So, established by experts and customers “the most stylish shops for electronics sales” move to masses the ideas of the Digital Lifestyle.

Gars Telecom always flies the flag rendering only the quality services in the digital communications sphere. It is no wonder that in the current year spring our company has become the part of the new “digital” client lifestyle. We wish luck our new partnership.