Any successful business presents itself as a good harmonious mechanism whose elements are closely interconnected. Needless to say, that a disturbance of any process entails a frustration of the entire “vital rhythm”.

When it comes to the public sector, the importance of the uninterrupted operation of each element increases significantly. The significant role in this case occupy the telecommunications.

The operator Gars Telecom understands the seriousness and importance of its work and closely monitors the quality of all the provided services: regularly monitors the service capability of the network and constantly improves all the technologies and equipment used. Gars Telecom relies on quick response to customer requests and the quickest possible and qualified solution of the client’s tasks. Thereby the concentration of resources to solve the problems in the sector of big business permits to maintain a high level of service for each customer who receives technical support, focused on a comprehensive solution to his problems at any stage of cooperation.

Let alone when the level of responsibility is so high that the question of the uninterrupted communication affects on the entire sector of the economy of the country! For that the State Transport Leasing Company, that entered the portfolio of Gars Telecom clients, offers leasing programs for all sectors of the transport industry, as well as companies in other sectors of the Russian economy. STLC implements state initiatives of development and maintenance of transport infrastructure and conducts its own effective leasing projects in partnership with the leading Russian banks.

State Transport Leasing Company has united in one team the professionals in the financial services market and the transport industry. In collaboration with its partners – manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, credit institutions, public institutions, lessees – STLC strives to improve the services, intentionally find the solution of current problems of the market and develop for joint strengthening of the country's economy and the position of each individual market player. And the team of Gars Telecom will enthusiastically help it with that mission.