Avianova is a young Russian airline carrier, making flights affordable for every category of customers.

Its first flight Avianova made to Sochi in August, 2009, and in even September 2009 the company carried 100-thousnandth client. A half a year later, number of passengers reached half a million, thus bringing Avianova on the 4th place in Russian airlines rating concerning the volume of local operations.

Regardless small park — just 5 planes — Avianova has been successfully providing air transportation over 18 Russian cities and possesses ambitious plans for enlarging its business in particular and developing Russian air market’s as a whole by opening new ways often at lower prices than alternative means of transport have.

Company is a pioneer on a Russian local air transport market to some extent. Outbraving to go against industry’s established standards, Avianova proposed Russian citizens reasonable prices, becoming not only real low-cost carrier, but also keeping maximum available high level of service — 80% of company’s flights departure on time and delays don’t exceed 15 minutes.

To meet its telecommunication needs Avianova has chosen a carrier, capable to provide high-class services on adequate conditions — Gars Telecom.